Colour Strips

October 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

At the end of the colour session, we looked at Leigh Cooke’s way of demonstrating colour in images using colour strips, as you can see below.

Leigh Cooke -

Our task was to create our very own physical colour strip:

Take one of the colour images supplied
* Trim excess paper from image
* Mount onto A4 card supplied
* Looking carefully at the colours and matching them up to the colours on the colour
paint charts, make a representative colour stripe of the overall image by cutting and
assembling a stripe from the paint chips
* Look at the overall colour mood – which colours are most dominant
* How do the colours relate to each other, what stands out on the image?
* You must create the mood of the image in a stripe
* Take care to be neat and tidy
* Use a scalpel and metal ruler to trim off




We were told to create a digital one also. This video shows how to develop your own virtual colour strip. I didn’t however contrast the colour strip, instead I blended it:

Jimi hendrix colour palette


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