Intro to After Effects

October 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

This is the PDF we worked through for this session: Intro to After Effect Slideshow

Unfortunately Jaye was not present for this session, so we were instead told to go through the above PDF slideshow to grasp a basic knowledge of how the timeline works in After Effects. I simply had to import a selection of images by right clicking the project window and selecting the required files. Next I created a new window with the correct dimensions, and then dragging all but the ‘comp1’ file onto the timeline area, then selecting all of them and dragging the time frame down, holding ‘shift’ to make them snap. Next I moved each object on the timeline so they sequenced one after the other, instead of them all being stacked upon each other, the shortcut for this is to select all the objects, right click, and select ‘Keyframe Assistant’. Adding text was the next step, moving it to the beginning of the timeline for an intro sequence, editing the text as needed, then duplicating it for an outro sequence. By pressing ‘T’ the opacity layer opens, then selecting the ‘animation button’ which is the stopwatch button found at the top of the object in the timeline, I added a fade animation between each picture, making the transition smooth, by dragging the little yellow diamonds on the timeline I can adjust where the fade appears, changing the opacity on each. I trimmed the timeline by right clicking and selecting ‘trim to comp area’, going to ‘composition’ then ‘add it to render queue’, adjusting the settings and saving the movie I’d just created.

These are two videos Jaye put up, introducing After Effects and showing the basics:

We were told to go through these video tutorials by the following Monday’s workshop

Apparently we didn’t have to do these, according to Jaye, but we can if we want. As it turns out I didn’t do them anyway, because whenever I did go on there was a waiting room time of 2 hours or something…


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