Guest Lecture / Jonathan Lindley

October 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

I enjoyed Jonathan Lindley’s lecture, he displayed a variety of his works explaining how he obtained the work in the first place, and how he went about the process of each piece, broadly.

Jonny will be in every Tuesday, so we can talk to him if we want to.

Notes I took from the lecture:

– If you’re feeling like your straying away from your own work, do something and re-capture it, don’t lose touch with your skills and passion.

– When it’s time to do my final year project, do something I really want to do, something I’ll enjoy (that way the work will show), and something I can see myself doing in the future.

– Pressure is good, though it may not seem like it at the time – it helps because it pushed you.

– It’s a case of pushing myself, find out what I want to do > don’t be that quiet kid, ASK! ASK! ASK!

– I need to figure out my practice, sooner rather than later, don’t just ‘wait’ for it to happen, search for it and develop it!


This is a blog post I’ve made previously about Jonny:

this is the presentation he went through: Subversionary

Jonathan Lindley is a former a student of Huddersfield University, receiving a BA (hons) and MA in graphic design. He explained to us how coming out of Huddersfield with no plans or direction was the worst decision he could have ever made. He told us how he lacked enthusiasm throughout his time at the university, this led to him being unable to get a work placement and having no online recognition. This ultimately meant he was lost, and didn’t know what to do, with further upset from seeing others get jobs; he went to Amsterdam to pursue a job, going to many interviews, but was rejected from all of them. It wasn’t until Lindley decided to take the masters course for graphic design that he would go on to find himself. He went on to say how finding yourself and what you’re about at the start of university is what is required to allow for yourself to carve the route you want to take, instead of ending up in a similar situation that he himself was in.

Upon taking on the MA, Lindley returned to his routes of photography (which is what he originally wanted to take at university). After working in a graphic design company, he realised he hated it as it was far too commercial. He mainly worked on music and film during his masters degree, he told us that he was a third graphic, a third music, and a third film. He began to explore photography, but incorporating music and animation too. He would soon realise that animation was his practice, going on to create music videos for bands including ‘Enter Shikari’, ‘Dry The River’, ‘Lightning Bolt’, and ‘Refused’.

This lecture made me think about my choices with design, what route will I take? I am yet to find what my practice is, this means I must further look into the different aspects of graphic design, photography and animation, allowing me to begin to form what I want to be and where I want to go. I learned that I need to maintain contacts as I meet them, allowing for expansion in my career, it’s all about who you know, not always what you know, a good combination of the two would help.We were told by Jonny to keep pestering companies and design agencies until they listen to you, allowing for you to learn more from others, and possibly landing a job. The majority of Jonny’s work was done commission free, which is unfortunate in the sense that he was creating work for free, however this meant that his portfolio was ever expanding, making it easier for job interviews.

Jonny explained that as a whole university taught him “what not to do”, learning from trial and error, but he was glad this happened. This path has led him to create a variety of works in different areas mixing animation, music, photography and film, which gave him his artistic identity. He is also a key member of the Crim Collective, which led him to plan events and designs internationally.

I learned that I have got responsibility to know who I am, I’ve got the power to figure out what I want to do – While I’ve got the facilities at hand.


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