Colour Test

October 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

You can take the colour test yourself here

At the end of the workshop with Margot, about colour, we were tasked with taking this online colour test to see how well each of us see colour. The test works by moving the subtly coloured swatches, arranging them between two hues, you must present the correct, or what you perceive as correct, gradient between the two hues. The below image shows the start of the test.

colour testcolour test2

The above screenshot shows the first gradient completed (I originally had a screenshot of all the gradients completed, but I pasted the screenshots directly to the post, which made the images break, as there was no save of the file… I couldn’t view the completed gradients because it scrambles them if you do this), to me these look pretty well in order.

colour test3

As it turns out they were completely perfect! I surprised myself here, I always knew I had a pretty good sense of colour, but I didn’t think I’d have perfect colour acuity!

Below, the graph compares others of my age/gender to my score, apparently there’s an incredibly low percentage!

colour test4


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