You the Consumer

October 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

International links

This is our target audience for the taxonomy brief:

– Final year of course in delivered in Hong Kong
– Are the same ages
– Same interests in design and animation
– Buy the same brands
– Heavy users of technology
These facts show their similarities to us, but in terms of lifestyle there are many differences.
How can our knowledge of them as distinct
consumer groups help to inform us about:
  • global marketing
  • social media marketing
  • share design practice across the teams

Below are some of the students telling us about their lives, interests, habits, and spending patterns:

You the consumer
Things that are important to marketing companies include:
  • your use of digital marketing
  • natural willingness to engage
  • insights into digital consumers
  • valuable resource
  • develop your understanding
  • consider your position as a consumer

Using social media to build knowledge

Twitter / Pinterest / Facebook / Instagram / Skype

All ways of interacting with a community, and the rest of the web – using ‘#uohhk’ (University of Huddersfield Hong Kong) on Twitter we can discuss stuff with the Hong Kong students.

We were then told to post a #selfie, what I see, personally, as a shameless act, that I would only take part in ironically, I did however have other pictures of myself which weren’t taken within this context, so the following image was, in my eyes, acceptable to use as a ‘selfie’:


Some suggestions to consider for the brief:
Cultural customs and traditions: Yulan Festival : are they involved, fears that it will die out with younger generation only Chiu Chow people? Temples.
Food: If used to using chopsticks do they find it difficult with knives and forks? How do you choose? Ingredients. Influences.
Student life: How do they differ from the UK. Do they live at home? Freedoms and relationships. Socialising, funding.
Social media: Which do they use? Seems like 90% of people on MTR are on phone, online or gaming.
Home life: Families, siblings, ambitions, social pressures, hobbies, sports
Design and fashion: Influences on graphics, what does the street look like? fashion, makeup, trends, shopping
Top brands: magazines, colour of the city
Language: How well do people speak English / understand it from signs etc. Typography, designing in Chinese, simple Chinese, what challenges does this pose? Different typefaces

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