Jay Payne / Working With Layers in Photoshop

October 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

In this workshop session, we looked at the use of layers within Photoshop, demonstrating how you’d go about colouring layers of an image, specifically a scanned in image. The task was to colour different layers of the image without being destructive to the file, or editing the original image’s pixels. The image below was the original image of which we had to edit. By editing the the ‘Blending mode’ to ‘multiply’ from the drop down menu, it will make the layer transparent allowing layers below to be seen through it.

For a detailed view of the steps taken in this session, refer to this PDF – 01-layers – this also demonstrates the use of layers in Illustrator.

Use the ‘Quick Mask’ tool to adjust and edit the selection.xid-1355048_1

a1a2-For some unknown reason, the image has been cut off- The image directly above displays the use of layers, and how it helps in colouring areas, since I’m working on a new layer it doesn’t interfere with the other layers, as you can see the selection overlaps with the star but doesn’t disrupt it in any way. We were advised to use the polygon selection tool for this task. I continued colouring layers, naming them appropriately, until I was left with this (you can see how the layers are structured on the right):

a3The resulting image shows a fully coloured image with the original file completely untempered with, allowing for full edit-ability.

We ended the session by saving the image for the web by selecting ‘Save for Web’ from ‘File’, and editing the options as needed:a4Shortcut tips:

‘Shift+CTRL+I’ – inverts selection‘CTRL+D’ – deselects selection

‘Shift+F6’ – feathers selection


Here’s a video Jaye put up, explaining the process.


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