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October 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Soooo, this is my room, one giant collection of stuff. Some would call me a hoarder, I simply see it as an appreciation for items that others would find worthless.

Soooo, this is my room, one giant collection of stuff. Some would call me a hoarder, I simply see it as an appreciation for items that others would find worthless. Click on the image for an enlarged version of it.

As it turns out, this project is right up my street, this is because I basically collect a lot of things as it is. My entire room is fundamentally a giant collection of which I live in, so as far as gathering a collection of 30 things goes, I was pretty sorted, it’s more a case of ‘what collection do I use?’. Some of the collections I could have chosen include train tickets, chewing gum wrappers, badges, games, sunglasses, guitar plectrums, clothes labels, business cards, plastic colour samples, rocks/crystals, leaflets & flyers, and bottle caps, to name a selection of my vast collections.

Before thinking to use my existing collections, I created a list of possible collections to start other ideas for this project, the ones that interested me the most were as follows (read them as ’30 ….’):

  • photos of the sky & clouds
  • journeys
  • things in a bag
  • lights
  • shadows
  • drinks cartons (of which I’d turn into wallets)
  • meals
  • sounds
  • songs
  • photos following the theme of line/colour/space/number/point
  • flowers
  • leaves
  • eyes
  • mobile phones
  • drawings/illustrations

I actually began photographing the sky frequently to build up that particular photographic collection, at the time I wanted to use these photos for the project, but upon being given the brief I had changed my mind. 30 journeys was also a strong contender, as I had been recording my movement since the 24th August, but this data was actually proposed for the ‘collection/data’ summer brief, and upon looking at the first term’s structure, I see we have a data visualisation project, so I will save this extensive data collection for that project instead of wasting it on this particular brief. Next I wished to use my train tickets for the brief as there is so much information contained on each one, allowing me to experiment with them to a good extent; things to explore would include ticket number, destination, time & length, cost, date, the type of ticket, and the reason for the journey. However, after the first seminar with Margot, I was told I should avoid using the train tickets as it would clash with the data visualisation brief, which is what I would have done with them, some how visualised the data from the tickets, playing with maps and creating some form of narrative from it, possibly interpreting the routes taken on a map, plotting data of each journey. My next collection in line for inspection were the bottle caps. I rummaged threw the large bag of caps I had, and picked out 30 different ones. During the seminar, Margot seemed rather enthusiastic about me following through with this collection, and upon further thought, I’ve decided this will be the 30 things I’ll develop.
These are my potential collections to develop, with captions describing how they developed in the first place.


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